Three-story dormitory with 80 double-occupancy rooms, common restrooms, two-bedroom Resident Advisor apartments, study hall, and lounge. The building is the last dorm arranged in linear fashion along the ridge and north-facing slope of the campus.

  • The south face of the building was nested into the ridge to minimize visual impacts.
  • The north side has views of the local mountain range.
  • Native stone, broad overhangs, wood trellises and eaves reflect the rural spirit of homes in Placerita Canyon.
  • Rooms are efficiently arranged along a double-loaded corridor.
  • The elevator, a stair, lounge, study hall and R.A. apartments are centrally located.
  • With two wings per floor, the college has the flexibility to have men or women assigned to each wing.
  • Attractive and economical materials were used to create an elegant yet simple building design.


  • New Construction
  • Size: 18,000 SF, 160 beds
  • Cost: $3.3 million
  • Client: The Master's College


'They listened to us.'

“During the time we have worked together, LCDG have taken the time to learn what our needs are as an institution, what the city agencies required of us and listened to the concerns of the community as it impacts our campus development. LCDG listened to our desires and applied their vast knowledge of architecture to create a chapel and dormitory that is pleasing to the community around us and fully meets the needs of the college.”

— R. Hotton