The Hope Center for Teens will serve high-risk youth, bringing together all of the services needed to keep them safe and help them successfully transition into adulthood. Spaces include a lounge, counseling areas, offices, and food service. The Center is the newest addition to the Violence Intervention Program, which sees over 18,000 victims of physical and sexual abuse and neglect each year. 

At 90+ years, North Hall may be the oldest building on the L.A. County-USC medical campus. The three-story wood frame structure had been gutted to the studs when LCDG commenced design. A single new tower has been erected outside the existing structure to provide a second exit, elevator for  accessibility, and an HVAC system. The striking form serves as a beacon for new arrivals. All building systems are being  
replaced and numerous code-upgrades achieved.  




  • Renovation
  • Size: 12,400 SF
  • Owner: Los Angeles County Health Services
  • Cost: $3.5 million
  • Completed: May 2017