“Kevin’s passion was contagious. He quickly resonated with our teachers and captured the essence of our community in the design.”

-Keith Huyssoon, Chief Financial Officer, Polytechnic School

“These guys know what they’re doing. They’re looking for the important things that matter in the day-to-day operations of the school. There were no preconceived notions. They held a focus group with the faculty and everybody tossed in their ideas, then LCDG crafted a plan…”

-Doreen Oleson, St. Marks School

"Your team at LCDG have been very professional throughout the projects that we contracted despite our unconventional and unrealistic approach. Lourdes and Rob were both very responsive and inclusive to all communication with myself and the general contractor. Thank you for all your honesty, support and advice towards me."  

-Ron Rector, Los Angeles Mission


"We have found LCDG very knowledgeable in the needs and requirements for a private school such as ours and equally knowledgeable in dealing with the City Planning Commission. I have great faith and confidence in LCDG and would recommend them unequivocally to anyone who might be interested in engaging their services."

-Hrair Atikian, Chairman, Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School


"The LCDG team is creative and highly talented. Their collaborative style makes them a pleasure to work with. Throughout these projects, they have remained open to suggestions, generated practical solutions, and supported us with their technical knowledge and sound cost estimates."

-Jeff Boynton, City of La Mirada


"Our long relationship with LCDG is testimony to their commitment to Long Beach Transit. Often, they feel like an extension to our staff, fully understanding out culture. They could write a book on teamwork."

-Dave McCauley, Long Beach Transit


"I appreciated how LCDG adapted their services to our unique requests, including taking the lead and being creative when we asked them to do so. They made an effort to understand out culture and work harmoniously with everyone on our team. Our project was completed on time and under budget and everyone is delighted with the new church facilities."

-Brian Schadel, Self-Realization Fellowship Church


"Your firm demonstrated superlative qualities in the area of project management and in representing the client's interests with the contractor. Additionally, LCDG was very responsive to our needs, keeping continuous communication with us and providing excellent services in project tracking, scheduling, and coordination."

-Roshni Thomas, California State University


"La Canada Design Group ran productive and efficient project meetings that dealt proactively with any problems. LCDG was creative and accommodating in resolving the non-aesthetic details on the project when occasional conflicts were discovered. Your approach is the true definition of team-building and partnering."

-Fred Wallitsch, Pepper Construction


"Your firm has established a positive on-going relationship with the local Building Department. Your professionalism along with the quality of your documents, has helped speed our city plan check reviews. We consider La Canada Design Group as one of the best architectural firms we have contracted with."

-Rich Bluth, Rockwell Semiconductor Systems


"The project was administered with exceptionally good working relationships by all parties. The spirit of partnership prevailed, making the project a pleasure to be associated with."

-W. Hahn, California State University


"During the time we have worked together, LCDG has taken time to learn what our needs are as an institution, what the city agencies required of us and listened to the concerns of the community. They listened to our desires and applied their vast knowledge of architecture to create a chapel and dormitory that fully meets the needs of the college."

-Robert Hotton, The Master's College