The two-story in-situ lab facility is dedicated to the development of instrumentation for scientific research within the solar system. The building contains multidisciplinary laboratories, three of which are designed to a Class 100,000 cleanroom level, and was the first new lab to be constructed at JPL in 25 years.  

General support spaces are provided for scientists working away from home. Maximum flexibility is provided by placing circulation at the edge of lab spaces. Labs are relatively column-free by careful placement relative to lab development. Large above-ceiling spaces provides flexibility for ever-changing HVAC and process piping.

LCDG also completed over 25 projects for JPL on an as-needed basis.  Services included planning, security, feasibility studies, architecture and interior design.  



  • New Construcition
  • Size: 12,916 SF
  • Cost: $5 million
  • Client: JPL