The renovated space dramatically refreshes the 50-year old clinic, reflecting the Primary Care’s core mission of providing high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care. The new clinic has a warm, transparent quality. Curving ceilings and lighting guide patients to the welcome desk and the centralized waiting room and registration desks for the north and south clusters of clinical exam rooms. Patients and staff are visible to each other. Beyond glass walls on each side of the waiting room are care team rooms, co-located to promote teamwork with resident and attending physicians, CMAs, and Care Managers. A “living room” is conveniently located at the clinic entrance for patents and staff to convene.



  • Renovation

  • Size: 15,000 SF

  • 34 clinical exam rooms, 2 consultation rooms

  • 3,500 clinic visits each month

  • Cost: $3 million

  • Client: Los Angeles County - Department of Health Services