Future-Thinking Design

Multi-Specialty Hub, Outpatient Department
LA County USC Medical Center

LCDG prepared plans for the recently completed County USC Multi-Specialty Hub in the 50-year old Outpatient Department building. The County is updating and maintaining their existing facilities to meet and exceed today’s standards for patient care, family involvement, multidisciplinary care teams, and new teaching methods. The clinic enhances the patient’s experience through a number of design features:  improved wayfinding; attractive greeter’s counters; new clinical furniture and equipment; soft tan, green, blues and gray color palettes; and improved lighting and air conditioning. Dedicated rooms for group visits, conferences, and consultations provide ample space for medical discussions.  

To improve patient care, technology has been improved and made more accessible, with convenient, fold-down computers at exam rooms, adjacent corridors, and hoteling-inspired work stations centered on interaction and flexibility. The centrally located team work room facilitates physician-intern patient evaluations for this academic medical center.

In addition to LCDG, credit for this cost effective, successful future-thinking design is due to the Department of Health Services medical staff and Capital Projects Division John Shubin, and Julio Ribeiro.