Phase 1 Completed

Since 2012, LCDG has worked closely with the Our Community School, a remarkable community-based charter school in Chatsworth, California. The 440 student K-8 school leased a vacant LAUSD space and modernized the campus, and LCDG partnered with the board, administrators, teachers, children and parents to create a nurturing environment for the students.  A comprehensive plan was prepared addressing critical repairs, code issues, and improved teaching spaces.  Needs and costs were organized into three priority levels enabling the team to make informed choices for improvements.  Following design and DSA approvals, the selected contractor proceeded in two phases, coordinating with the 9-month school year.

Phase 1 was completed Spring 2016 and consists of accessible pathways, and improved parking, landscaping, play equipment, Multi-Purpose Room, restrooms and classrooms.

Phase 2 will be completed in September 2016.  Further restroom improvements are planned, a new changing room and fire alarm system added, and the remaining classrooms enhanced.