Courtney Tossounian Promoted to Associate!

LCDG is pleased to announce Courtney Tossounian’s promotion to Associate. In this capacity, she will serve on the firm’s executive committee, addressing LCDG’s technical and financial progress and plans for the future. Courtney is an exceptional young architect demonstrated by her effective leadership on a new operations building for Edison, two LAUSD HVAC replacement projects, and other challenging projects.

Courtney lives in Hollywood, in a small historic neighborhood called Melrose Hill with her husband and two-year-old daughter. In her spare time she volunteers for the City of Los Angeles as the Melrose Hill Preservation Overlay Zone Board Architect. Courtney also heads the RestauranTOUR series for the AIA Pasadena Foothill Chapter. She loves to cook, host dinner parties, re-finish old pieces of furniture, and go hiking with her family.

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