Rob Lawson Helped Wildfire Victims

The wildfires in Sonoma and Napa counties last month blackened approximately 110,000 acres and destroyed over 4,500 homes and businesses. The toll on local residents and their extended families is immeasurable. 

LCDG’s Vice President, Rob Lawson, served as a volunteer disaster worker in and around the wine country of Santa Rosa. As an evaluator with the CalOES Safety Assessment Program, Rob assisted the Sonoma County Building Department evaluating fire damaged buildings. Tasked in areas near the edges of the fire area, he visited approximately 120 properties that week, assessing the condition of homes and secondary buildings.

Depending on the severity of damage, the buildings were tagged with red, yellow or green placards, indicating whether or not they were safe to enter or only safe enough to retrieve belongings. The condition of the structures were then compiled and given to the Building Department to be used in assisting property owners as they begin to rebuild.

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